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PSC 2301 Clear Floor Coat

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PSC 2301 ClearGuard is a two component, self-leveling, 100 percent solids tintable epoxy coating. Both components are precisely measured and packaged for accurate on-site mixing and use. PSC 2301 ClearGuard is a high build epoxy coating system designed for applications up to 20 mils with one coat and can be applied in humid conditions without creating a foggy surface. It has very good dry heat and chemical resistance. PSC 2301 has good flexibility, It has a long pot life, 35 minutes, allowing the applicator to mix large batches thus providing fast turn around time with minimal labor. PSC 2301 ClearGuard is approved by CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) for incidental contact in federally or provincially inspected meat and poultry plants.

Interior, new or old horizontal concrete surfaces. - Prime coat for PSC 2302 Flexible Epoxy and PSC 2304 Exterior Epoxy. - For broadcast with multi-colored quartz aggregate. - Industrial, commercial, municipal and warehousing facilities. - Can be mixed with aggregate (sand) to fill and repair surface imperfections and cracks in concrete. - Designed for one-coat applications up to 20 mils. Thickness of the coating can be build up with several applications within the re-coat window. - Vehicle repair bays, paper mills, service stations, water treatment facilities, waste treatment facilities, meat packing and food processing facilities, dairies, canneries etc. - Commercial applications, warehouses, supermarkets etc.

Can be used as a clear coat or add anyone of our 14 standard colors. Colors can be blended to achive almost any color. Metallic Pigments are also available.

  • The coating system is designed for extremely demanding strengths (13,100 psi compression and 8,200 psi tensile) in industrial and commercial applications
  • It has outstanding heat and chemical resistance, including Skydrol and Hyjet airline break fluids
  • Protects the floors of maintenance facilities of many major and independent Canadian airlines
  • Is approved by CFIA for incidental contact in federally and provincially inspected meat and poultry plants

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