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Works on Polyethylene
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    • Finger touch, targeted control ensures minimal overspray, waste, and cleanup
    • Strong, permanent bond
    • High temperature resistance
    • Variable width lace spray pattern
    • Quick dry time for fast, strong, permanent results
    • Moisture-resistant

    3M Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive 90 is an industrial grade, spray adhesive that is typically used for bonding high pressure laminate (HPL) to wood. The spray creates a high-strength, fast-tack bond and can also be used on concrete, wood, medium density fibre-board (MDF) or polyethylene. It is ideal for applications that require spraying down and suitable as a primer for 3M Air and Vapour Barrier 3015 and 3M Through Wall Flashing 3015TWF.

    Suggested Applications

    • Ideal for work with furniture, woodworking, marine, acoustics and construction
    • Can also be used in laminating, spraying, metal bonding, melamine bonding, edge banding, adhering, attaching to concrete, gluing and sticking

17 oz Spray