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System Three Resins has been formulating and manufacturing epoxy and urethane adhesives, coatings and compounds since 1979. Most boatbuilders already know who they are because initially they focused on providing products and services for this market.
Their first product, System Three General Purpose Epoxy, with its choice of three hardeners, (hence the company name System Three Resins, Inc.) was specifically formulated for boat builders. This 100% solids, medium modulus epoxy system has become a boatbuilding epoxy standard, trusted by both amateur and professional boatbuilders alike.
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System Three

Cold Cure

Low temperature marine epoxy

Quick Cure Epoxy

Five & 15 minute adhesives

S-1 Sealer

Penetrating epoxy sealer

Clear Coat Epoxy

Low viscosity coating & laminating epoxy

Mirror Coat Epoxy

Pourable bar & tabletop coating

RotFix Epoxy

Penetrating wood sealer

Silvertip Laminating Resin

Premium boatbuilding epoxy

SilverTip GelMagic

Non-sagging structural epoxy

SculpWood Epoxy

Wood replacement paste & putty

System 3 GP Epoxy

General purpose epoxy

SilverTip QuikFair

Lightweight fairing putty

SilverTip EZ-Fillet

Wood flour-filled epoxy putty

T-88 Epoxy Adhesive

Structural Epoxy Adhesive