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Tintable Caulk. Just Add Paint.
Description EXACTCOLOR - Tintable Premium Caulking   Are you tired of ugly caulk lines? Have you been on an endless search for that perfect caulk, custom colored to match your new paint job, only to end up lost and disappointed? Your search is over. Perfectly color matched caulk is here with eXact color®. Just add your paint, mix it up, and voila – you have an eXact match to any color. No tools required. No mess. Best of all, eXact color has all the same performance properies of Big Stretch®, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not it will actually work. Rest easy, stop searching, and use eXact color.   eXact color is excellent for use in a variety of areas, including: Walls & wallpaper Tile Countertops & backsplashes Wood or vinyl moulding, baseboards & trim Metals Plastics Around windows & doors  Siding     Features Simply add any latex paint (even metallic), stain or universal pigment to create a custom color caulk No special tools required Can be applied to joints up to 2” wide Paintable, in case you change your mind about the color down the line  Super elastic with powerful adhesion – won’t pull away or crack Water clean-up Low VOC
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