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Caps, Tops, & Lids
Industrial Plastics & Paints stocks many types of cap for many uses. Choose the one that works for your application
  • Description
Style Size Colour Selling Unit
Standard 15 mm White ea
Standard 20 mm White ea
Standard 24 mm White ea
Standard 28 mm White ea
Standard 33 mm White ea
Yorker 15 mm Natural ea
Yorker 20 mm Natural ea
Yorker 24 mm Natural ea
Yorker 28 mm Natural ea
Yorker 33 mm Natural ea
Flip Top 20 mm White ea
Flip Top 24 mm White ea
Flip Top 28 mm White ea
Shampoo Top 24 mm Black ea
Child Proof 24 mm White ea
Child Proof 28 mm White ea
Child Proof 33 mm White ea