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Industrial Plastics & Paints extends its Problem Solving focus into the Coatings that we sell. Many of these coatings will provide special Benefits and Applications. In addition we offer the very best in Architectual coatings for Home & Industry

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PlastiDip Enhancers

Metalizers & Glossifier

PlastiDip Smoke

Translucent grey formulation

PlastiDip Blaze

Eye-catching neon colours


Synthetic rubber coating

Super Grip Spray

Non-skid coating for fabric

ReRack Coating

Dishwasher Rack Repair

Super Elasto-Barrier

Liquid Rubber Base Coat

Maximum Stretch

Super Elastomeric Coating


Skid Resistant Safety Paint

Iron Coat

Metal Roof Elastomeric Coating

Liquid Granite

Decorative Elastomeric Safety Paint

Seam & Joint Tape

High Tack Seam Tape

Snow Seal

Premium Elastomeric Roof Coating

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