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Can I Glue Polyethylene?

Can I Glue Polyethylene? . . . . The short answer is NO! . . . But there is more to the story

Over my 40 plus years in the Plastics Industry, I have been asked this question almost every day. So in preparation of writing this blog article, I jumped on the Web to see what answers others were offering to this question. I found plenty of forums with individuals offering a multitude of solutions to glue Polyethylene. I am here to tell you that while some of them may work to some degree . . .  NONE of them work to the degree that most people expect. Oh there are surface preparations that will help industrial adhesives stick to Polyethylene but none will provide a permanent bond to Polyethylene. The only true way to bond Polyethylene to Polyethylene is by heat welding and this requires the right equipment and the proper technique.

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